love letter to my body

i know.

i haven’t always loved you

there have been times

where i have hated you

hurt you,

objectified you,

but you have always loved me,

carried me through everything.

today is the day i accept you for where you are

and promise to treat you like my best friend.

Write a Story in 50 Words or Less

Prompt: Write about a first love/ first kiss


Ani hadn’t wanted her first kiss to be in the back of the school bus.

She hadn’t wanted his tongue down her throat, pushing against her teeth.

She had wanted it to be with the girl with black hair who smelled of lemons, and whose lips looked soft and inviting.




Come to Bed

Come to Bed

There is a sweet
kind of sadness
that slips into bed with me
every night,
I’ve grown so used to it
I make sure to sleep
on my side
of the bed.