Veil – The Future of Modest Sportswear Review

By a show of hands, how many of you know of a website called Kickstarter? If you actually raised your hand bless you, if you didn’t take your chair and go. I’ll wait.

So, I was going through the new Kickstarter projects when I came across a project called Veil – The Future of Modest Sportswear. I don’t know about y’all, but I like to workout in leggings to avoid flashing the gym my underwear as well as to avoid chafing (thick thighs are great for leg presses but not so great when it comes to shorts that ride up), so the idea of a modest workout top was very VERY inviting. I like to work out, I like to sweat and feel the power in my body, what I don’t like is when I can feel someones gaze as I sink into a squat or run on the elliptical. Don’t get me started. If you look at a lot of the workout wear that is available, a great deal of it shows a lot of skin, or clings to the body in a way that doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Now, please don’t read this as I don’t think that type of clothing is okay to work out in, on the contrary whatever you prefer to workout in is great. Whether its form-fitting or a little on the looser side it really doesn’t matter and heck, who am I to tell anyone what or what not to wear. Going to the gym can already be an intimidating thing without the worry of not wearing the ‘right’ outfit. Long rant cut short- wear whatever makes you happy, who cares what other people think. I digress.

When I workout, since I typically wear leggings my booty is out for the world to see (not literally but pretty much- you know what I mean) and some days I’m into wearing my leggings with a cute top, and other days I don’t want to show as much. Enter Veil (remember I mentioned them 84 years ago?). Their mission is simple: to make athletic clothing for women that is modest as well as functional.

Here is their mission statement from their website:

The vision started in December of 2013. We live in a technology driven world from athletic apparel giants all the way down to the work-force. It’s a new day and age where advancement is customary.

Athletic companies have been producing weather performance gear for decades now. Fire fighters and astronauts have specially crafted suits to help them overcome the roughest temperatures and conditions. Technology is shifting rapidly throughout the apparel industry and we believe that the world of modest-wear needs it too.

At Veil, we promise to continue to bring innovation to the table and revolutionize the way women wear the hijab and modest apparel. Our vision not only encompasses the need to make modestwear more comfortable and functional, but to motivate and inspire women around the globe to follow and accomplish whatever goals they dream of.

Our pioneer development, the Cool Dry hijab, is simply the most advanced and unprecedented hijab in the world. Countless hours, days, weeks, and months were put into the Cool Dry and modest activewear projects – and the rest is history. Learn more on Kickstarter and see how we continue to make worldwide headlines.

Buckle up. This is the beginning of something great.
I loved that here was a company looking to create a modest active wear that wouldn’t make me look like a potato, but would still offer me the coverage and wouldn’t restrict my movement. Veil is doing something revolutionary, not only do they offer sizing from xs to 3xl (workout wear in larger sizes is too often poorly designed), but one of the tops comes with a fitted scuba hood that acts as a replacement for women who wear a headscarf. I don’t know if you can tell a this point, but I am completely head over heels for this company.
Here are a couple of images taken from their Kickstarter of their two new products:
I own two of this particular top and I LOVE them.
As soon as I got my workout tops in the mail I threw one on and went to the gym to put it through its paces. The length is perfect for total coverage (no more worrying about my leggings suddenly becoming transparent mid squat) and it isn’t too snug around my hips and bum (this is frequently where I struggle most with things not fitting, again don’t get me started). The fabric was light enough that when I started to sweat like the animal that I am I wasn’t too hot, but it still kept me warm after my workout on my way home.
 Now don’t panic, now you don’t have to be a Kickstarter backer to purchase one (or more) of these tops! Veil is now available to the public, the Veil Spark Half- Zip will set you back $54.99, and the Veil Running Halo Hoodie will take $58.99 from your money pot (because everyone keeps their money in a pot in the cupboard, right?) Veil delivers what they promise: a beautiful, modest, functional active top that caters to women across the boards. My recommendation? Treat yourself to one of their tops, heck buy multiple! I’m already looking to get another one because I love them so much.
So thank you Veil, for creating something that will change the active wear market for the better. Thank you for designing a product that when I wear it to the gym I feel comfortable in my own skin and powerful. Thank you for seeing a need and instead of ignoring it, addressing it with a beautifully designed product.
Check out their Instagram for even more inspiration!

Let’s Talk About Beauty Blender and Brush Health

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all been watching a beauty vlog trying to master the art of a perfectly painted eyebrow or contour, or reading about some look when the beauty guru tells us that we should really be washing our brushes and sponges. To be brutally honest I didn’t even know cleaning brushes was even a thing you should do until about three years ago.


Yes, it’s a pain in the butt, but it’s SO important. One of the biggest reasons to wash out your brushes and blenders is to get rid of the oils, bacteria and skin cells that can make a nice vacation home in the fibres. That’s right. All of that nasty business get trapped in the bristles and in the spongy material in addition to whatever makeup residue is left from the previous use.


Another really valid reason to wash your brushes is that it actually keeps them doing their job for longer than if you don’t clean them. Brushes and sponges are like tools- if you were a painter you wouldn’t leave one of your beloved paintbrushes on your work bench loaded with paint, would you? Unless you literally bought new brushes every day, you probably would dedicate time at the end of each session to wash them gently and store them properly. This same level of tlc applies to your makeup brushes, and while you don’t need to wash them out after every time you use them leaving in certain products can cause the bristles to become brittle and to not work how they should.


Washing your brushes and sponges on the regular can also help combat breakouts and skin irritations. Because of all of the gunk that can get trapped up in them, using brushes and blenders that haven been washed can cause your face to start to break our or even get rashes! ~*STORY TIME*~ Three years ago I was breaking out along my chin and forehead. Now, normally I have decently clear skin, so breaking out was not a normal occurence (now that I have a morning/nightly face care routine it’s even better but this was back when I could get away with not paying that much attention to my skin). I turned to the most reliable source I knew- the internet! In this case, it actually worked to my benefit, because this is when I learned that not only can you wash your makeup tools but you should in order to avoid things like the breakout I was currently experiencing.


So. Now that I’ve laid all of the gross facts on the table lemme tell you how I clean my brushes and blenders. I start the process by letting my tap water heat up to just past warm, while that’s heating up I lay out a hand towel or two (depending on how many brushes I’m washing). Next I grab a gentle soap, I typically use an unscented baby shampoo or one of my organic unscented soaps. The reason you don’t want to use a scented soap or a harsh soap is that it can not only damage your brushes and blenders, but it can also cause a reaction with your skin! You don’t really need to go out and purchase the specific brush cleaning soap- while they work really well they also tend to be really expensive so I go the less expensive route. Regardless of the cleaning product that you use, gently work it into the fibres and then wash it out with the warm water. I should also note that it’s important to get all of the soap out or else you’ll possibly be dealing with sudsy foundation or primer. Then, after you’re sure all of the soap is out lay them on the towels and wait for them to dry. I like to wash mine before I go to bed so they have all night to dry out.


I hope this was helpful, I’ll be posting soon about how I’m going to be keeping to a more regular schedule for posts so there won’t be as long of a time between them.