Blogmas Day 6: Slytherin House Inspired Look

So ever since the first book was printed all Harry Potter fans have wondered what house they would have been sorted in if they had gone to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When the Pottermore sorting hat quiz came out I took it so I would have the final ruling on which house I belonged in (I had never really known which house I fit into, I had thought that maybe I was a Hufflepuff). I clicked my way to my house, waited with bated breath, aaaand… Slytherin. What? I literally took the sorting quiz four times and every time it came out Slytherin. How could this be?!  I can’t be a bad person, I’m not evil.

So like the mega nerd I am I dove back into the books to figure out how I could have been sorted as a Slytherin. I came to the realization that yeah, I was a Slytherin, and that just because I had been sorted into Slytherin didn’t automatically make me a horrible person. Not all of the bad guys were in Slytherin (see Peter Petigrew, Gilderoy Lockhart, or  Quirinius Quirrell?!) Here’s the deal, Slytherin House is all about a deep desire for greatness, it’s about wanting to have power and having the ambition to go after it full throttle with no reserves. It’s about using whatever you have: resources, cunning, and sometimes having a willingness to break the rules if they help you get to where you want to be (gentle reminder that Harry Potter broke rules with a dependable regularity). These traits are value neutral, as are most of the other traits of the other houses (bravery, loyalty etc). A Slythern gives respect where respect is earned and due, they look out for their friends with a fierceness that can sometimes only be attributed to its rival house. As I write all of that I also don’t want to dismiss the negative things about Slytherin House- there are plenty of problematic elements in Slytherin house (I can address that in another post). But after doing some research by re reading parts of the series and reading the welcome letter written my JK herself on Pottermore,I felt a little better about the whole thing.

So that was an incredibly long introduction to my Slytherin Look (#hisshiss):



Lipstick: Witches Liquid Matte Lipstick by Kat Von D. Ya’ll. YA’LL I loooooo0000000oooove this lip. I actively try to find excuses to wear it because I feel like a goddess when I wear it and it LASTS LIKE ALL DAY.


I had just sneezed… that’s why my eyes are red…. #allergylyfe


The eyeshadows I used are from Tartelette Pro in Profesh and Vamp, Makeup Forever in D308 Aquatic Khaki (Diamond) and D200 Crystalline Mauve Turquoise (Diamond), and from the Moondust pallet Galaxy. My eyeliner is Kat Von D in the color Bukowski, and I honestly break this beauty out all the time, it’s a dark enough green that I can normally get away with it. On my lower lashes I used Too Faced Size Queen Mascara (remind me to write a separate post about this mascara, it literally makes my eyelashes look like falsies), and on my upper lashes I used Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Vinyl Couture for Summer 2016 in Excitement Green and this is one of my favorite mascaras because the green isn’t overpowering, this was one of those impulse purchases that I was SO happy about. I wanted to do something fun and glittery for the lid because I don’t normally get to wear makeup like this but I figured if I was in Slytherin I wouldn’t care what other people thought.


Look at the TEENY OWL. I make no apologies.


When people say to me: ‘Oh but you’re not evil, you can’t be in Slytherin house!’

What house do you identify with or have been sorted into? Let me know if you’d like to see me do makeup looks for the other three houses in the comments below!



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