Blogmas Day 3: DIYeing my Hair

I think we all have either personally gone through or had a friend go through dyeing their own hair an ‘unnatural’ color. I flirted with this a couple of time by dyeing streaks in my hair blue, purple, and indigo. I regret some things. One massive trend that has been sweeping the beauty, jewelry and whelp- pretty much every community out there is… rose gold. Yup, they even have techniques so that your locks can look like silky pink gold. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!

To say that I have been solidly obsessed with this look for YEARS would be a massive understatement, but I worked a job in an office where that wouldn’t fly. But having made the transition into professional writer I now work in an ‘office’ where that’s more than okay (I use scarequotes because I work mostly from home so it’s not really an office office but I have an office at home and now I’m rambling, okay moving on). I wanted to save a little money (famous last words) so I turned to the vast information garbage can that is the internet and found thousands of rose gold hair tutorials. Holy guacamole, there were sososo many different ways to do one thing. To be honest I should have remembered this from my High School geometry class, but maths was never my strong suit so here we are learning the same lessons. I settled with a really great tutorial done by Justine Crawford. BLESS HER.

Link to her YouTube tutorial:

I ended up selecting this tutorial because it was simple to follow and Justine made the whole process (that’s sometimes cripplingly intimidating) manageable and approachable.

This is what my hair looked like before doing anything to it:

oooooo gurll, look at then knock off bags under them eyes

So other than looking and being ridiculously tired (I did this at 1am I think, I know I know- I need to sort my life), I was ready to take the first step towards my dream hair. Since I have naturally blond hair I didn’t go through any lightening process, my hair (although you can’t really tell in this photo) has brassy undertones so I had the ~*gold*~ part down. My hair is also ridiculously thiccck, so I separated it into two layers. Since I had decided to attempt an ombre effect I tied up my fringe so I wouldn’t accidentally dye it. I made sure my hair was relatively clean and dry (both very important when using hair dye). You’re welcome in advance for the following photos, I am a magical unicorn.


It’s probably a good thing this is blurry, it’s masking the sheer panic behind my eyes

Now that I had prepped my hair it was time to make my dye concoction. I did so by emptying out an entire bottle of conditioner (I used Head and Shoulders because it was inexpensive, just as long as it is a white conditioner whatever you use it’ll be fine).

Look at how fabulous her hair looks. Ugh. Goals.

The dye I used was Jerome Russell Pumky Colour in Purple. I know this sounds weird, but this purple has kick ass pink and red undertones so when combined with my brassy blond hair it would ~~hypothetically~~ make a nice rose gold hair color (no spoilers here). The next step was mixing in the dye, I wanted my rose gold to be lighter than the shade in the tutorial so I only mixed a little into the conditioner, but a little went a long way and it ended up looking like this:



The best part about this whole process is that it wasn’t damaging, it’s not an acid dye and isn’t tested on animals as well as being cruelty free- and it smelled great! I never thought I would say that about a dye! I painted the mixture onto my hair starting at the tips and then working my way up, all the while making sure that I wasn’t creating a straight line across my hair.

Above you can see me working through all of the stages of dying your own hair: phase one: okay this is going well, everything is fine. Phase two: everything is NOT fine and oh good gawd what have I done I look TERRIBLE. Phase three: *in a Hugh Jackman voice from Les Mis* what have I done sweet Jesus what have I done?! If you can’t tell this is my least favorite part of the whole process. I let the dye rest for 30 minutes and then hopped into the shower to rinse it all off, I made sure to run water over my hair until the water gathering near the drain ran clear.

Here are some shots of the finished look and color!




this is the look of sheer relief

I am SO incredibly happy with how this turned out, I wanted something subtle but still noticeable, and to save some money and somehow I did all three! Since this dye is semi permanent it will fade away in between 5- 30 washes (kinda like how the cable guy will be at your house between 9pm and 4pm) so who knows, maybe I’ll dye it all rose gold! For now I am psyched that it turned out as well as it did. Phew!



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