Eye Shadows to GAG over (but like in a good way)

So, here’s the dealio, we all have brands that we hold in our hearts above all of the others *coughs*KatVonDBenefitCosmeticsBiteUrbanDecay*coughs.* Sometimes the loyalty even extends to type of makeup within a brand,  one thing is for sure- when you walk into a Sephora (or an Ulta) typically people don’t beeline to the store’s brand cosmetics. Have ya ever wondered why? Until very recently I intentionally shied away from buying the Sephora brand for reasons that weren’t specific. In fact I practically ignored their existence because how could the Sephora lipsticks hold a candle to those made by Bite or Urban decay?

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attatched.

Just kidding but I couldn’t resist. One fine October day I walked into my Sephora and asked my fave Sephora Guru which brown lipstick I should invest in. Ladies, gents, non binary pals- I cannot express how amazing a resource the beautiful people at Sephora are, seriously one day I walked in, and asked to be transformed into a unicorn. Anyway, after showing me some of the Kat VonD liquid lipsticks (I’m a big fan) she brought me over to the Sephora section and pulled out a dark warm brown with gold and copper flecks in it. Now normally I tend to go for a matte lip and tend to keep the glitter on my eyes but I trusted her and thank all of the gawds I did because she introduced me to what is now one of my favorite lipsticks of all time (I panic stocked up because what if they suddenly run out of it or stop making the color. I know I have a sickness). The best part? This little blessing in a tube is only $12.50, so compared to other prices it’s a total steal! So I bought my first Sephora brand lipstick just over a month ago (Magnetism 27 Ugh I would marry this lipstick if it was a person) and on my most recent trip to Sephora I thought I would beeline past my usual stops and head straight for the Sephora display in the back corner.



These eyeshadows are AMAZING. I picked up four of these beauties and each one is stunningly pigmented and has a silky texture AND is hella blendable. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!!

Coffee break N°299

This is the one I lovingly refer to as my ‘work horse brown.’ While it’s a more heavily pigmented shade it blends out and stays right where I want it to. The color has warm undertones so it makes blue eyes (like mine) pop. This shadow plays really well with others but can also function as the main diva.


Watermelon falls N°287

This pink is really neat because it builds beautifully so I can have as soft or dramatic a look as I want to, the shimmer on this metallic is refined and I never thought I would consider a metallic pink as one of my go to shades but here we are.



Girl night out N°216

Hnnnnnghhhh. It looks as if I have gold filigree painted onto my eyelids. This is truly one of the most amazing and beautiful eyeshadows I own. I’m over the moon about this shimmer shadow.


Lucky penny N°220

A truly stunning shimmer eyeshadow with neutral and warm undertones. This eyeshadow plays well with others and can also steal the show if you layer it up a lil.


(Please forgive the scratches, they are from my nephew. Who is a cat.)


Here’s what I’ve learned- Sephora makes bomb eye shadows- they are super high quality and DARE I SAY IT (spoiler, I do) out perform some of the name brand shadows. Each shadow pot contains 0.07oz of shadow (compared to others that’s pretty beefy) and they’re self-contained so you don’t have to worry about buying a container for them. The bottom line is Sephora wouldn’t put out a product unless it could compete with and beat its competitors, these eyeshadows (and the lipstick) prove it IMHO. So next time you are in a Sephora take a walk on the wild side and see what hidden treasures lie within the Sephora Collection.




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