What I Learned During my Time at Hogwarts

So I know I’m double posting today, however the goal for the month of October is to post every day, so to start it all off in proper spoopy fashion here is a list of things I learned while reading the Harry Potter books.

  1. Always choose your friends for yourselftumblr_lns0k9qfvg1qa40eu
  2. Don’t be afraid to be a smart girl. Know your shit and be proud of your brains.tumblr_n2kt2oYXNT1tsvbbno1_500
  3. Friends fight sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that the friendship means any less.tumblr_nq5gf2skdn1tvt4s6o2_500
  4. Never EVER judge a person based solely on where they came from.tumblr_lodonao1mi1qjrc4bo1_400
  5. Sometimes you get to choose your family, and sometimes your family chooses you.tumblr_lq1667unjl1qc95gm
  6. Bravery comes in many different forms, and one isn’t better than the other.giphy
  7.  War isn’t supposed to make sensetumblr_lorswipqf01qdg4o1
  8. Death isn’t supposed to make sense eitherhedwigdeath-1426692271
  9. Being a part of a team is amazingtumblr_lox5wxfqha1qbuptc
  10. Just because someone is different from you, doesn’t mean that you should be mean to them, in fact the weirder the betteryoure-just-as-sane-as-i-am-luna-in-harry-potter-gif
  11. People in power are frequently corrupted by their officeraw
  12.  If there is injustice, stand up against it6bd289c199c59187b813d539c69d9370
  13. Always treat animals with respecttumblr_m9pwqpwcwu1r64jgxo1_500
  14. Rules are meant to be bent and broken occasionallyya-hermione-expelled
  15. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love for her childrenlilypotter-1426691877molly-weasley-giftumblr_ma1z7xMrmB1ru061ro1_500
  16. Curiosity at any age is a wonderful thing tumblr_nr2x6fAHsc1u3932ho1_500.gif



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