A is for Adjustment

Sometimes, well really most times, it’s good to push through moments where you think to yourself ‘mehhhh I think I’ll just have a day for myself where I sit inside and read and/or watch Netflix.’


Today was not that day.

Today I woke up to my jet lag manifesting itself all over my body, causing the physical feeling that I had been hit with a wet sack of glitter; my calves felt tighter than an anxious toddlers first violin strings and even though I had crashed into a medically induced comatic sleep for over 12 hours my eyes felt dryer than when I had first landed in England.


After a quickish skype with my mum (hi mum!!) and she had confirmed that my plan was an excellent idea I settled into the reality that I had chosen not to climb Arthur’s Seat today. If I’m honest with myself I felt a little disappointed as well as experienced a slight twinge of failure because my initial plan had been to hike in the park every day I was in Edinburgh (weather permitting) so to already be folding in on that goal was disappointing. However having just said that I am glad that I decided to take day to be slightly gentler with my body, due to my jet lag being pretty significant I found myself going to bed late and waking up even later. By the time I had pushed myself out of the flat and up Arthur’s seat I was so exhausted that all of the energy I had left was dedicated to getting myself the nearly three miles back, showered and a small dinner before flopping down onto my bed and hoping that sleep would come before the jet lag would kick back in and I would be wide awake again.

Instead of hiking I decided to let myself lean into the day: taking a shower to wake me up even more, putting on ~real~ pants (those who know me also know that this is a big deal… I rarely wear actual pants), and let myself wander.


I ended up walking through Grassmarket which is a neat little section of Edinburgh where one can find good sandwich shops as well as unique pubs such as The Last Drop (the last stop of the unlimited pints tour before the condemned were hung from the gallows) and Scotland’s Smallest Pub (it’s really really small, it is also in my top ten pubs to drink at while in Edinburgh). Taking my favorite shortcut through Greyfriar’s Kirkyard I smiled at the familiar grave stones (I know this might sound weird but it’s the coolest graveyard) and cobbled pathways, and soon I found myself standing at the counter of my favorite tea and coffee shop in the whole world: Kilimanjaro Coffee. Again, for those who know me know that this is my Mecca, the holiest of holy places. When I studied in Edinburgh I cam here nearly every single day with regularity and always ordered a breakfast tea with a fruit scone and clotted crème. Plopping down in my favorite seat (IT WAS STILL THERE) in the corner of an old and wrinkled leather couch I was awash with happiness.

Heart eyes emoji
DSC00055 (1)

So, you’re maybe wondering ‘what does this all mean?’ Well it means adjustments are being made to my grand plan. I’m just going to do what makes me happy whether that’s hiking through Arthur’s Seat or sipping tea in Kilimanjaro Coffee or wandering between the stones in Greyfriar’s Kirkyard.

So here’s to doing things that only bring happiness.



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