Scottish Suggestions: Tips I’ve Accrued While Abroad in Edinburgh

  • While you can pay with a card at most places, cash is still king in Scotland so make sure to always have at least a twenty pound note on you for convenience.


  • Bring good shoes. Unless you are going to take a cab everywhere you plan on going within the city or using the bus system you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. The plus side is that it’s free and good for you!


  • There are other places to get a brilliant cup of tea other than the Elephant House. Now don’t get me wrong, the Elephant House is an amazing little tea and coffee house, however it’s never not busy due to the fact that the kween of fantasy literature wrote most of the early book of a lil ole series called Harry Potter, but idk if you’ve ever heard of it…


  • Hiking Arthur’s seat is something you will never regret (seriously ask my friend Hannah who I made summit the extinct volcano while experiencing a fever, like I think it was 101°f but I’d have to check with her. Also if you’re reading this Hannah I’m sorry for making you do that. But it was fun, right?!)


  • Go on as many haunted ghost tours as you can. I’ve been on every single one and I only wet myself one time. JK. But I was seriously terrified- take their warnings seriously.


  • Don’t be afraid to get away from the Royal Mile. By all means stroll the mile if you want to, but there is so much more to Edinburgh than one street. I might suggest the Grassmarket, it’s by the royal mile and is slightly less crowded.


  • Put down the gps. Now, I don’t mean to poopoo maps, because they are wonderful and useful. However if you’re feeling adventurous use the Castle, Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill as markers. Edinburgh isn’t a tall city so you can pretty much see one of these three most of the time.


  • Go to an open mic or two. These are always a blast and a bonus is you get to hang out in one of Edinburgh’s many pubs. Plus who knows, maybe you’ll get discovered after a couple of pints of liquid courage!


  • Spend a couple of hours in Greyfriar’s Kirkyard. The graveyard has a complicated and interesting history. Fun fact: JK Rowling got the names Mcgonagall and Tom Riddle from head stones here.


  • Carry either a small umbrella or a waterproof layer- you’re gonna need it. There’s no way to get around Scotland’s temperamental weather. It’s gonn’ rain during your visit at least once I guarantee it.


These were just a couple of the things I could think of off hand- I may post an updated list later on!!




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