(Colour)Pop Goes My Heart: ColourPop Cosmetics Review

There are a lot of beauty products out there. Like, so many that walking into any store can feel daunting and sometimes borderline traumatic (okay I’m being a little dramatic but hey, if I haven’t eaten anything that day and I waltz into a Sephora or Ulta I’m most likely going to have a meltdown and spend “too much” money).


And then there’s the beauty of online shopping, while you can search the hundreds of blushes and highlighters from the comfort of your very own duvet burrito it can sometimes be too much. Too many beauty bloggers weighing in on what the best matte red lipstick or the best eyebrow pencil out there. So by now you might be thinking ‘geeze… this isn’t what I signed up for- she’s really stressing me out.’


I’m here to tell you about a beautiful L.A. based company called ColourPop. I came across this truly magnificent gem of the Internet (more on them later) when I was sleeplessly scrolling through Buzzfeed at 3am and I came across an article titled “17 Makeup Dupes That Are Way Cheaper And Just As Awesome As Other Beauty Products” written by Buzzfeed Staff Essence Grant. Number 12 on the list puts the eye shadow Bill from Colourpop up against MAC’s Quarry with a difference of 11 dollars I was already reaching for my wallet prepared to spend ALL of my money.


A little bit on the company before I dive into the actual products I used- ColourPop is an American based company in LA, California and prides itself on being cruelty free makeup as well as being PeETA Cruelty- Free. All of their products are gluten free (but like, don’t snack on them as they probs don’t taste too good) and some of the products are even Vegan! (But again, don’t eat them… go eat some chips or hummus or something actually tasty).I ended up ordering 10 items: eyeliner, brow color, two shades of their eye shadow, and six of their Ultra Matte Lip colors. The packaging the items shipped in was really quite charming and made me want to order more things so I could start a collection of boxes with floral prints on the inside. Included within the box were several postcards with cute messages on them, as well as a wee booklet with information about the products.


UGH this packaging gave me LIFE.

Honestly, thank all of the brow gods for this little piece of paper.

*Heavy Breathing*

The Lipsticks:



I’ve recently become a massive fan of liquid to matte lipsticks and I’m constantly on the lookout for great nude colors as well as the classic red. I normally like to devote at least half an hour in Sephora to swatching the colors up and down my arms but I contented myself with picking out the colors I felt would work best with my skin tone.

Here is a color swatch of all of the colors on my arm:

colors and names


These liquid matte lipsticks are hella pigmented and offer a full days wear with minimal reapplication needed. What I really appreciated about ColourPops matte line was how light they felt (sometimes matte lipsticks feel heavy) and how incredibly pigmented they are. Did I mention the pigmentation of the lipsticks? PIGMENT. I think my favorite of the lipsticks I ordered was Rooch, because who doesn’t love a good dark red lip?!


As with all matte lipsticks I would heavily recommend doing a lip scrub treatment before applying, as matte lipsticks tend to dry out your lips. If you don’t feel like buying a sugar scrub or lip exfoliator a clean mascara wand (like the ones you see in the makeup stores) and a small amount of Vaseline will do the trick just as well.


If you want to shop ColourPop lipsticks in all of their glory click here.


The Eyeliner:


I am a big fan of a dramatic cat eye (although whenever I try to accomplish this I end up looking like Bucky from Captain America: The Winder Soldier).


I have tried my fair share of eye pencils, liquid eyeliner, Kohl pens, felt tip pens, heck I even tried one of those ridiculous eyeliner stamps in my quest for an even eyeliner but ALAS, to no avail. So when I saw that ColourPop offered a Crème Gel Eyeliner I thought why not?! The pot itself is a good size and fits well in the palm of my hand, and something to keep in mind is that the eyeliner does not come with a brush- although they do include recommendations for what kind of brush would work best. ColourPop’s Crème Gel Eyeliner proved to be a bit trickier than I had first expected however I think given enough practice I think I can master it. I went with the classic black eye liner, Swerve, however ColourPop offers an expansive range of colors for the adventurous.

Get Swerve, or any of the other colors here.

The Eye Shadows:

When I ordered the two colors (Bill and Hanky Panky) I intentionally went for two that I could use for every day use as well as special occasions. These shadows come in really dear pots with a pretty nifty graphic on the lid. What I didn’t know was that they were crème eye shadows, however that wasn’t a bad thing at all. Both of the shades I selected were a matte finish (if you can’t tell already I have a thing for matte finishes) and were incredibly smooth in their application. As was with all of the other products I tried from ColourPop, these eye shadows are super pigmented and long lasting. I’m in love.

To shop other eye shadows in order to paint your face like the colors of the wind click here.

The Eyebrow Pigment:


So, ColourPop offers Brow Color and Brow Pencils, but being the adventurous soul (slight joke but not really as am still tying to figure the whole eyebrow make up thing out)I opted for the straight up Brow Color as I already had experience with brow pencils and wanted to try something different. As was with the eyeliner, the brow color does not come with a brush, so I would recommend an angled brush for the best result.

Holy brows Batman, this stuff is SUPER pigmented, so a little goes a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way. I have to admit I love how the color gives me a strong brow look, and the lightest color works well with my medium/light blond hair. While I maybe wouldn’t use this for every day wear (mainly because it takes me 84 years to get my brows even) I have turned to this brow color when I want to feel particularly fierce.

To shop any other brow products you can clickity- clack right here.



All in all I am incredibly happy with all of the products I ordered from ColourPop and may or may not have gone back to their website and started picking out more products to try out (spoiler: I have). One of the biggest jewels in the ColourPop crown is that (other than the collections) everything is under $10, so any beauty guru or aspiring make up addict can shop here with relatively no guilt!



ColourPop also has an Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook so there are a bunch of ways to connect with them and explore their products.

So, go forth and look fierce!





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