The Breaking

You told me you were done

After I told you I needed space.

You said that I was your ‘perfect fit.’

But what you didn’t know

Was that you had picked off parts of me,

Ripened fruit off of a tree in an orchard,

Walking away

With only what you wanted

In your basket.


You said I was cowardly

After I didn’t respond.


What you couldn’t see

Was how your actions

Shred into my self worth

Dicing my confidence until I thought


I am the bitch

you see me as now.
I can’t go back to the

restaurants we used to go to,

I can’t sip a margarita

without thinking of how

You used to look at me.

How you used to kiss my lips,

And how you and tell me

That I was beautiful.

And how every time you did I felt feathers

Being plucked from my wings

And further into a cage of your design.

I can’t pass our favorite breakfast place

Without thinking about how we both cried

When I said I didn’t want this anymore.


You wrote messages

Choosing your words like fists

Knocking the wind out of my lungs,

Making my eyes sting with tears.

You said for us to treat this like adults,

You said that you would never find anyone like me,

You said that I had broken you,

You said you had found someone else.


I said nothing.




I knew that

My words like waves dashed against rocks

Or sand between an impatient toddlers fingers

Would go unnoticed.


So I said nothing.


Parts were good,

But they weren’t enough

For me to let go of myself

And become what you wanted

Me to be.




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