My Love Affair with Lush

Let’s just get this out of the way- I.Love.Lush. It’s an addiction at this point. I stumbled upon their bath bombs a little over a year ago and with that first purchase my fate was sealed and I was fully converted. I now own bath bombs, shower gels, eye liner, shampoos, conditioners, face masks, lotions, tooth paste, and a frequently empty bank account. Now, not everything appeals to me from Lush (*gasp* I know riight?!) but if I’m honest most of the things do. I love what the company stands for (read more about them on their website)– no animal testing and products that are made ethically with the supplier and consumer in mind. I decided to compile a list of my top loved and used products that aren’t bath bombs (that might be a separate post)  if others wanted a brief look into my obsession.

Veganese Hair Conditioner

This product is amazing, like truly life changing. Okay, well that’s a little dramatic but it’s true. This is one of Lush’s lighter conditioners but don’t let that fool you- it’ll take your locks and give it a major boost in the volume department. The main scent is lavender- although it’s not overpowering by any means, and has a nice after scent of citrus which I appreciate as I tend to gravitate towards the cirtus/’fresh’ scents rather than floral. This conditioner also restores and hydrates hair, so for thick haired people (like myself) it moisturizes but doesn’t make my hair feel heavy or greasy. I have also found that Veganese pretty much goes with 80% of Lush’s shampoos so if you’re like me and like to change what shampoo you use almost every other week then I would recommend Veganese for the versatility factor being 8/10.

You can buy it for yourself here for $9.95- $33.95

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.24.14 PM


Jersey Bounce Shampoo

This product is new, and after taking home a test sample I found myself asking where has this been all of my life?! As I alluded to before I have thick, and oftentimes unruly, hair- so finding the right shampoo to get a really good wash while not stripping my hair completely of its natural oils had been tricky in the past. I had just finished my shampoo bar of Brazilliant (more on that later) and I went into Lush with an open mind and one question on my lips: what shampoo should I try?

Before I continue I just want to take a minute to praise the beautiful and wonderful people who work at Lush. They know their shit. I can walk into the store and announce ‘I’m looking for a bath bomb that will make me feel like an empress and will moisturize my dry skin’ or ‘I need a face mask that will help me with these brewing pimples on my face but will still work with my combo shot skin’ AND THEY KNOW. Wiiiiiiiitchfraaaaafffftt. Anyway, back to business.

I was initially hesitant about using this particular because of its two main ingredients: sea salt and eggs. The sea salt made me pause due to a previous experience with Lush’s bar conditioner Big, which also has sea salt as a main component but left my hair feeling sticky, tacky and tangled. The main difference between the two salty products is that Jersey Bounce has large pieces of salt that can be massaged into your hair and scalp to exfoliate and rejuvenate, this is also helped by the fact that Jersey Bounce is a liquid shampoo so it’s easy to work through the hair.The linseed in the shampoo works hand in hand with the salt to leave your hair hydrated and perky. Now you’re probably thinking: “Liz- WHAT ABOUT THE EGGS?!?!” Eggs are one of the best things you can introduce into your shower routine because they will help dull and fragile hair become healthy and strong (and did I mention shiny? SO SHINY.) The best part (other than your new glistening locks) is that this winner of a shampoo is SELF PRESERVING, so no need to make a mad dash to the refrigerator  every time you want to use it.  The smell of the shampoo is really light and makes me think of drinking lemonade on the beach in the summer.

You can buy this shampoo here for $9.95- $19.95


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.14.15 PM

Sunny Day

Another new item from the new and expanded haircare lineup is Sunny Day- an anti- static hair detangler (try saying that five times fast). Honestly I was skeptical about this product until I started talking to one of the women at my local Lush branch. What finally attracted me to this product is its unnatural ability to tame those pesky fly away hairs and frizz. The best part of this product? The main scent of the spray is violets. Why is this the best part? Every time you smell violets it’s like you’re smelling it for the first time. The science behind this is really fascinating, to read more about it you can click here, or here. If you ask one of the Lush employees they’ll also be able to give you the juicy deets. While not a necessary  item it’s honestly really nice to have to spoil myself with once in a while.

You can buy it here for $19.95.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.14.41 PM


Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair Shower Gel

This shower gel was introduced by Lush to us peasants during their Valentine’s Day limited edition collection- however before you break out the tissues the shower gel has been removed from the seasonal stock and has taken residency in the year round corner. THANK ALL OF THE GODS. The name makes me laugh just a little too hard, and as a working independent woman I honestly feel empowered every time I use it. The color of this gel is utterly s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. The beautiful red changes as you rub it into your skin into a blushing pink, as does the scent! I don’t normally select floral products, however the fig and guava add a subtlety to the rose, lavender, and Jasmine that make this feel and smell completely amazing. The figs in the gel help in maintaining clear and healthy skin. The scent isn’t overpowering and lingers for hours. Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair pairs really well with the Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar as they both use Jasmine as a primary component. Honestly I am over the moon that Lush decided to keep this shower gel around.

You can buy it here for $12.95- $26.95.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.14.57 PM

 Brazilliant Shampoo Bar

Let me begin by saying that if Brazilliant were a person I would marry it. This is my tip top all time #bae shampoo bar. The smell was enough to make me never want to use another shampoo ever again (before Jersey Bounce that is). This bar uses fresh organic Orange juices to create a rich but light citrusy scent that lingers on the hair long after the shower has ended. It leaves my thick and often unruly hair looking shiny and beautiful and feeling hydrated and lush (HA I just made myself laugh). This shampoo bar should last between 70-80 washes and you can feel really good about yourself when you use it because there’s NO PACKAGING!!! So it’s really a zero waste product (be sure to grab yourself a tin to keep it in) made from natural and organic materials that love and treat your hair like the god/goddess it is. There literally isn’t one drawback to this product- if you don’t own one, you should go and buy one. And if you already own one virtual high five because you are a winner.

You can purchase one of these beauts here for $10.95.


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.16.53 PM


Dreamwash Shower Smoothie

Lush’s shower smoothies are a beautiful combination of their masks and shower gels. Now, a little personal bit about me: I have very sensitive skin and a lot of lotions set that off reactions that manifest in rashes and other things. Dreamwash is designed with needy people with needy skin in mind. This is one of the best purchases I have made, now the price is higher than most of the other items sold by Lush however this thing lasts forever. For reference I bought Dreamwash in December and I still have a fourth left in April. The gentle scent of this smoothie is really calming as it uses calamine (to soothe the skin great for sunburns) and lavender and rose. If you really want to treat yourself like a god/goddess quickly jump into a shower, then run a bath and while it’s running rub Dreamwash all over your body and then gently lower yourself into the tub and let yourself relax into complete joy. My skin was noticeably softer after using this and leaves you feeling relaxed.

You can pick it up here for $23.95.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.19.22 PM

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